Terms and Conditions of Membership
These Terms and Conditions form part of your agreement for membership of Warehouse Fitness and should be read before signing your membership agreement. If any terms are not fully understood please discuss with a member of staff.
1.     Definitions
1.1      “Fees” – the payment made by Members in connection with their membership. The Gym reserves the right to change the level of Fees from time to time. Advance Membership Fees are payable in full at the commencement of your membership and are non-refundable. Monthly Membership Fees are payments made in accordance with your Membership agreement and are paid in advance by monthly standing order from your designated bank account.
1.2      “the Gym” – Warehouse Fitness gymnasium and health club. 
1.3      “the Gym Rules” – these Terms and Conditions as amended from time to time together with any other rules displayed in the Gym reception and identified as being Gym Rules. 
1.4      “Members” – The individuals who have applied and have been accepted by the Gym to use its facilities in accordance with the Gym Rules. All Members must be at least 16 years of age. Individuals aged 16 and 17 must have their application for membership countersigned by a parent or legal guardian.
1.5      “WFL” – Warehouse Fitness Limited.
1.6      “you” – the person entering into this agreement with WFL
2.     About the Gym
2.1      WFL operates the Gym with the primary objective of providing fitness and leisure facilities for Members. A copy of the Gym Rules currently in force is displayed in reception.
2.2      WFL may, without notice, make reasonable amendments to the Gym rules as are deemed necessary by the management of WFL for the safe and efficient running of the Gym.
2.3      By signing the document headed “Membership Application Form” you are agreeing to pay all Fees due under the terms of your membership and to comply at all times with the Gym Rules.
3.     Opening hours
3.1      The opening hours of the Gym will be as displayed in reception and/or the Members’ noticeboard. 
3.2      Other than off-peak memberships (see 3.3 below) your membership entitles you to access to the Gym during normal opening hours.
3.3      Off-peak memberships entitle you to access to the Gym on weekdays from 9am to 3pm, and at any time during normal opening hours at weekends or on Isle of Man bank holidays.
3.4      The Gym will be closed on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day.
4.     About your membership
4.1      On joining the Gym you will be issued with a membership card. Replacement cards will cost £2.
4.2      You must bring your membership card with you to gain access to the Gym.
4.3      You should inform WFL of any changes to your personal details in order to ensure that our records are fully up to date.
4.4      We reserve the right to terminate your membership without notice in the event that (a) your fail to pay your Fees on any due date; or (b) you breach any of the rules referred to in Section 8.4.
4.5      Membership is personal to you and cannot be transferred or assigned to any other person.
4.6      Your membership entitles you to (1) use of the gym equipment (with the exception of the Power Plate for which an additional charge will be made); and (2) attendance of classes subject to availability; (3) use of the sauna, steam room and Jacuzzi.
5.     Our Fees
5.1      WFL will set the level of Fees payable. The Fee structure including charges for other services not included in your membership will be displayed in the Gym reception.
5.2      WFL will take all reasonable action to ensure the facilities of the Gym are continuously available for your unspoilt enjoyment. Should it be necessary to close the Gym in its entirety for critical repairs or maintenance for a period of 7 days or more then a pro-rata refund of membership fees for that period will be paid to you. This clause does not apply to the general breakdown of machinery during the normal course of business or its temporary lack of availability.
5.3      Once paid all Fees belong to WFL and no refunds will be paid if your membership is cancelled by you for any reason or by WFL pursuant to Clause 4.4 of this agreement.
6.     Paying our fees
6.1      Daily, Weekly, 1 Month and 3 Month memberships must all be paid in full in advance by cash, debit or credit card. Full in Advance memberships and Off-peak in Advance memberships must be paid by cash, debit or credit card.
6.2      For members opting for monthly payments for both full and off-peak memberships the first instalment must be paid by cash, debit or credit card. Subsequent payments will be made by standing order.
6.3      The minimum membership term for pay monthly memberships is six months. Should a membership be cancelled within this time then the Member will still be liable for all unpaid Fees.
7.     Cancellation of your membership
7.1      If you wish to cancel your pay membership you must provide a minimum of 30 days written notice.
7.2      Any Fees due pursuant to section 6.3 must be paid prior to the expiration of the notice period.
7.3      Should all Fees due not be paid in accordance the Gym Rules then you will also be liable for any costs incurred by WFL in pursuing payment of such Fees.
8.     Conduct
8.1      You must wear appropriate clean clothing and footwear when using the gym equipment or attending classes.
8.2      In the interests of health and hygiene and for the comfort of other members, you are requested to shower before entering the sauna, steam room or Jacuzzi and to wear suitable swimwear when using the spa facilities.
8.3      Gym facilities must be used in accordance with manufacturers’ instructions and as guided by the Gym staff.
8.4      When attending the Gym you must not:
8.4.1   abuse the equipment or facilities of the Gym. Any wilful, negligent or deliberate damage must be paid for;
8.4.2   behave in a disorderly, violent or rude manner or in a manner which is likely to cause offence or distress or annoyance to other members or staff;
8.4.3   smoke in any part of the Gym;
8.4.4   bring alcoholic or intoxicating liquor, narcotics or other mood altering substances into the Gym;
8.4.5   use the facilities of the Gym whilst under the influence of drugs or alcohol;
8.5      Entry to the Gym may be refused, or you may be asked to leave the Gym, if the staff on duty consider you to be in breach of any Gym Rules.
9.     Disclaimer
9.1      WFL accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage to your personal property or belongings whilst on the Gym premises.
9.2      Other than in the event of gross negligence by the directors or employees of WFL, WFL, our agents and our employees accept no responsibility or liability in the event of death, loss or injury when using the facilities of the Gym.
9.3      It is your responsibility to ensure any medical issues that may affect your safe use of the facilities of the Gym are brought to the attention of WFL.
9.4      WFL accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage arising from the actions of third parties with whom you may contract as a result of the discount scheme offered to members.
10.  General
10.1    We reserve the right to:
10.1.1Amend, revoke or add to these rules as and when deemed appropriate and necessary by the management of WFL for the safe and efficient running of the Gym;
10.1.2Alter the opening and closing times of the Gym or to alter the off-peak access hours;
10.1.3Adjust the availability of certain facilities on a temporary basis for cleaning, maintenance or replacement;
10.2    You authorise us to use, store or otherwise process any personal information, including but not limited to your name and address, which personally identifies you (“Personal Information”) to enable us, our partners and associates to provide the services and benefits connected to your membership of the Gym.
10.3 Studios are used in times of classes for members but will be hired out whilst there are no classes on..
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