So many gyms won't publish their membership rates, some won't even tell you on the telephone!  Unlike them, at Warehouse Fitness we will not assess you as you walk through the door to decide how much we can charge you. We will not charge joining fees (in fact we don't even understand why people still talk about them!) and we will not try to tie you into never ending contracts - even our full membership can be cancelled after 6 months. 
For 2017 our membership rates are as follows:

  • Full membership - £37.99 paid by monthly s/o (minimum 6 months)
  • Full membership annual in advance - one off £350 - save over £100
  • Off-peak membership - £32.99 per month paid by s/o (valid from 9am to 3pm) (minimum 6 months)
  • Off-peak membership annual in advance (valid from 9am to 3pm) - one off £300

  • Corporate membership - £32.99 per month paid by s/o (minimum 6 months) Please check with the Warehouse  Team if your company receive corporate rates
  • Over 60s membership - £25 per month (valid all day excludes use of gym between 5.00pm to 8pm Monday & Tuesday evening (min 3 months).
  • Students membership - £25 per month ( valid all day excludes use of gym between 5.00pm to 8pm Monday & Tuesday evening (min 3 months).
  • Full six months membership - £200
  • Quarterly membership - £139
  • Monthly membership - £49
  • Weekly membership - £21
  • Daily membership - £8.50

Bath towel hire - £2.00
Yoga Towel hire £1.00
Yoga Mat hire £1.00
Mineral Water 500ml - £1.00

Personal coaching - This is a one to one program designed around you, (takes about 45 minutes) - £30.00 per session or 5 sessions for £99 to Members.

Non-Members are also welcome to come for coaching, we believe our pricing is competitive and our coaches get the results you want- 5 sessions of coaching ( 1 person) £150

10 sessions of coaching £175 or our special is 2 for one coaching session- double up with a friend 5 sessions for £150
10 sessions for  £200! Get Bikini Body ready now !

Magnesium Salt Flakes bags 2kg from £8.50 - a great way to detox, relax and rejuvenate. 

Coming Soon to Warehouse Fitness...  Juice Bar with Healthy Snacks,  Detox Packages and lots more ...


Warehouse Fitness - where all women are equal, and we each control our own destiny...
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